Getting into a stranger’s car

My name is Joshua and I am an Uber driver in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ve been driving with Uber since April and enjoy doing so with an enormous passion. Charlotte, also known as the Queen City, is an amazing place, situated right at the borderline of Northern and Southern culture creating a melting pot of unique experiences and people. By driving for Uber, I have had many extraordinary encounters, witnessed many unusual sights, and I want to share them with the world at large. All names will be changed, if not outright obscured, to protect privacy. Locations will be described in general terms for the same reason. I am not being paid by Uber to write this blog. I simply want to add my story to the rich narrative of the Queen City. I usually drive one weekday afternoon and one weekend night a week so expect my posting schedule to follow suit. I’ll also write about my adventures from my first 6 months so watch for that as well. That should do it for introductions, so I will see you on the road.


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