You’re not an artist. You’re a copy machine.

Another driving session, another post. But before I get into the details, some contextual background about myself. Like a substantial amount of drivers, Uber supplements my income rather than being my main source. My primary position is working as a youth counselor in a system of group homes in Monroe, NC. The majority of my shifts consist of working 2-11 on some weekdays and 10-10 every other weekend. However, on occasion, I will be asked to work in day treatment, the company’s equivalent of school for clients who are not yet ready to return to traditional school. Yesterday was one such day thus significantly limiting my availability to drive in the afternoon hence the brevity of my observations. Also, between rides, I usually listen to podcasts off my phone and have decided to use quotes from them to title my posts. Now with the boring explanation out of the way, we can move on to my Ubering adventures.

While driving into the apartment complex of my rider, I witnessed someone transporting their bags of garbage to the dumpster by putting them all on the hood of their car and having their spouse hang out the passenger window in order to navigate them while they drive. Necessity is the mother of invention, as the idiom goes. Two trips later, I drove behind a plaza in order to avoid taking a U-turn and had my tires slam into my wheel-wells multiple times as I inched over the speed bumps. It’s almost as if they don’t want people back there. The majority of my trips had me in the Huntersville area which I enjoy because it gives me a chance to see an area I seldom go to on my own and it’s far enough away from the city where I rarely have much downtime between rides. That does it for this session. I will see you again on Halloween weekend.


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