He’s on the scene in laser time

Have Fridays nights always been this slow and I just haven’t noticed? I had some long dry periods in the first half of my session but the later hours made up for it. Not too many magical encounters but some new developments for myself. I started playing around with the Pandora integration in the driver app and learned a lot of people responded positively to my selection of 80’s New Wave. (Side note: Dear Pandora: If you consider Nightcore a genre, then so is New Wave) The only passengers of note was a trip where I dropped off one of the pair that entered, went to a second location to pick up the remaining passenger’s girlfriend, and finally took them both home. I’ve also established my new go-to snack for long sessions: a container of donut-holes from QT and Sobe Citrus Energy. Planning on going another round tonight so look forward to that.


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