What exactly is a street fighter?

Sorry for the late post. I’m actually going to combine Saturday and today since this afternoon’s session was incredibly slow. Like two 1-hour gaps between rides slow. No people or places of particular interest today either. On a personal note, is it wrong of me to not accept trips when there are over 20 minutes away, especially at the end of the night? I mean, more likely than not, they’d be better off calling an actual cab since they’d probably beat me there.

Rewinding to Saturday, I threw my first rider for a loop when he tried to make me uncomfortable by speaking against women’s right to vote and I countered with my concerns about Antisemitism in America. I also gave a ride to a deaf person and their interpreter, so that was neat. Playing around with Pandora some more, I put on Rick Astley Radio and, I swear, heard half of the rest of the album before it played his best known song. Finally, after just now reviewing my trips from that night, I discovered one of my last riders disputed the route I took and got a free ride for it. Am I happy about it? No, of course not. But am I going to get into an argument over what amounts to less than $5 in my pocket, also no. Some people prefer to complain after the fact rather than to the person who made the error and there’s not much I can do about that. I’m planning on doing all day tomorrow instead of just the afternoon since folks might want rides to the polls. Here’s hoping it works out in my favor.


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