We keep blood in the house? As a mixer?

God bless the Carolina Panthers and the surges they create. I decided to go online after working in Monroe and ended up going at it until nearly 3 am. Two of my rides were significantly enhanced by the post-game surge. I’m talking the kind that turns an $8 fare into $36. My first fare of the night had me trying to navigate gravel roads in the dark without navigation and it did not help that they did not pick up the phone when I called them. It was a bonafide fucking miracle that we found each other. The last guy of the night fell asleep in the back seat. More Pandora exploration too: with Bowling For Soup Radio, I’m 15 all over again. I was originally going to work tonight and tomorrow but between last night and my opting to work an extra shift on Saturday, I think I’ll just work tonight and break until next week.


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