Did O. Henry write science fiction?

Yesterday I made gangbusters driving around North Charlotte and Huntersville. The people and destinations weren’t of particular note but I witnessed some pretty neat things driving around. The standout was a Corvette I saw while waiting for a rider that looked like a Hot Wheels car come to life. The color of this testament to man’s glory was like if the T-1000 was blue; words fail me in describing its majesty and I am not one to geek out about cars. I saw grass seed being sprayed onto the side of an overpass with the velocity of a fire hose which is not how I thought that was done, not that I gave it much thought in the first place. Finally, while driving on Lawyers Rd., I noticed (and used) elliptical slabs of asphalt on the side of the road designed for the sole purpose of getting around people waiting to take a left. I could name five places that need this feature ASAP. Mecklenburg Public Works, get on that shit. Before I finish this entry, it’s food blog time. Given that it was such a profitable day, I decided to treat myself and went to Big Ben Pub in South End for dinner. The decor was good, the food and drinks were good, but the service was found wanting. Still, I may return on occasion the next time I crave some Shepard’s pie.


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