Backgammon is chess for drunk people

During my first hour on the road last night, I was passed by a pickup truck decked out in Christmas lights. Normally, this might be my most outrageous encounter of the evening, but this was not the case. 21 trips in an eight-hour span can have that effect. Construction on and around Church St. has gotten ridiculous so I had to park half-a-block away from the given pick-up location and then give directions over the phone to a Russian couple who were A) three sheets to the wind and B) recent transplants to Charlotte who don’t know local landmarks like the local minor league baseball park two blocks away from them that’s the size of, well, a baseball park. The story does not end there. For the unabridged entirety of the 8 minute 20 second ride, the woman was telling me about this bizarre argument she had with a black man who insisted she was not white because she was Russian and harassing me to validate her stance in the argument before she would get out of my backseat. The other big moment was the bullet I narrowly dodged when I pulled up to a viciously arguing couple standing at the designated pick-up location. The woman entered my car looking for an easy way out but it became quickly apparent that she was not the one who summoned me. Luckily the couple who did showed up in the nick-of-time and I was able to remove myself from that quagmire before it was too late. As a parting note, I’m getting real sick of getting new ride calls mid way through dropping off people in different locations on the same trip. Having to ignore them really screws with my averages.


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