Elvis, want a cookie?

Today was utter garbage. I didn’t even break $50. I still had some interesting encounters though. On West Blvd., there is apparently a jeweler that specializes in gold teeth. Also, when I was tasked with picking up a young man from middle school, the teacher guiding the pick-up traffic commented about how a different person picks up that particular child each day. Finally, the civil engineer who designed the industrial park on IBM drive needs to be drawn and quartered and I will personally lead the lynch mob of raging Uber drivers to make that happen. At the risk of this post being used as legal evidence against me, I will not go into the specifics about the “unorthodox” methods I had to use in order to get to where the driver was. Just know that my level of single-mindedness when pursuing a goal is rivaled only by the Terminator. Maybe next week will be better.


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