You’re not me?! Whoa!

Happy Winter Solstice everybody. Gather round your warm glowing screens and I’ll regale you with tales of my adventures. I had a woman who was easily old enough to be a grandmother basically egging me on to put the pedal to the floor and dart and weave my way through midday traffic in order to get her to a dialysis clinic on time. FYI: I made it with time to spare. I also made a few drop-offs at the airport. The approach to the check-in desks was still far from pre-Thanksgiving levels, but the actual doors themselves were clogged with over-sentimental chuckle-heads itching to get run over as they embraced. Before I sign-off, I want to give a big shout-out to my buddies at QuikTrip for not only honoring the advertised discount on their specialty milkshake on other flavors when the specialty one had run out, but also giving me a voucher for a free hot beverage on my next visit. That is how you do customer service, people.


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