A fine day for mayoring

Yesterday was good. I got an early start by doing a few trips while coming home from work in the morning and had hardly any prolonged gaps while driving in the afternoon. One thing I’ve experienced doing this job is some of the interesting names of my riders. Case in point: my first trip after lunch was a distinctly African man with a distinctly African name. He struck me as a stand-up fella; it sounded like he’d been all over since he mentioned having lived in Chicago and the trip was to the airport. I also met a charming young woman and her little dog Martini who were both living their lives to their fullest. I have a lot of hours at work this week so watch the digital skies this weekend for my next post.


2 thoughts on “A fine day for mayoring

    1. I don’t post names of specific passengers in order to respect their privacy but I only mean interesting in the sense that they are unique and uncommon in my experience, often due to said owners being from non-European backgrounds. But as an example of interesting, I did pick up a gentleman many months ago whose name was spelled None.


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