A little bit of oblivion

Ring the bell in the village square; it’s time for the weekend update. I wasn’t on the road long on Friday but I did take someone from Indian Trail to the Amtrak station east of Uptown so it was by no means a lost day. But last night was my prime-time by far. I made over $20 on tips alone. Highlights include the young couple who it seems had been kicked out of Amos’ Southend because she  called out a guy faking his military background which she took personally because she had family who had served and given their lives. She was clearly distraught by the whole experience and both her guy friend and I were trying to comfort her but she was not having it. At least the trip was brief. I was also successful on selling a group of passengers on becoming drivers themselves and gave them my invite code so hopefully that proves fruitful in the near future. I ended the night on one of those golden trips drivers tell stories about where the surge is high and the distance is great. Even the passenger riding next to me was cool because he seemed genuinely interested in the work I do as a youth counselor. I’m going to keep on keeping on so see you next week.


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