Oh, that’s right. I’m a friendly anarchist.

This week thoroughly whupped my butt. I wasn’t able to devote a full afternoon to driving so I did halfsies on Thursday and Friday, but still did Saturday night. Thursday didn’t have interesting riders but a ride from Huntersville to Concord took me past the Metrolina Greenhouses. Seeing a massive field covered by glasses is quite the spectacle when witnessed in real life. Friday’s first trip took me from Indian Trail to the airport which is easily one of my longest trips to date.But as always, Saturday remains the headliner night. One of my earlier trips of the night took me from the South End to Huntersville and it was round there where I spent the majority of the night. I can now add Davidson and even Mooresville to my domain of Uber conquest. My standout rider of the night though would easily be the girl who, 16 minutes into a 18 minute ride, after a long period of silence, exclaims that her father died earlier that day. That’s quite the bomb to drop on a complete stranger at 3 a.m. but I maintained my composure and gave her my sympathies. I wish her and her family well as I do for all of my riders and readers.


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