I guess you’re the “science guy” now

I wouldn’t necessarily call this week strange but it’s been interesting. Tuesday had some long dead periods but I was able to make up fro it with a couple of longer trips. This morning, I took a trucker to his HQ depot, including his supplies for the long haul like  bulk packages of bottled water and cup o’ noodles. It’s the sort of thing you don’t think about until it’s right in front of you but make sense in the moment. This afternoon, I went to see a movie and played the “going home” game coming back and it proved more profitable than expected as well as highlight-filled. I had to help a stoner come up with an excuse to tell his girlfriend for why he left the stove on. The best I could come up with on the fly was that he was preheating it for his return but he seemed satisfied with my answer. My journeys also took me to Fort Mill which is unusual for a weekday evening. On a non-trip related note, I saw one of those family sticker collections on a rear window and one of the children had additional stickers for wings and a halo. I find it disconcerting that the manufacturers accounted for this contingency. Finally, a food blog moment: I tried a bottle of Crystal Pepsi. It tastes like ginger ale. Save your money. See you on Saturday.


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