I beat the internet. The end guy is hard.

Soooooo…it’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s not completely my fault though. I didn’t write anything last week because there was literally nothing worth writing about after my Tuesday session and my phone went haywire on Saturday, preventing me from driving. But I’ll try to make it up today and this weekend. Tuesday started off really slow but picked up around rush hour of all times. I took a guy in Cornelius on his day’s errands to the grocery store and post office before returning home. I gave another guy in town on business a tip about the Zagat-rated restaurant in the hotel he was staying at. I was also able to give my duplicate Hatsune Miku backpack clips to a loving home. On Thursday, my first rider talked to me at length about his experiences as a driver and heavily pushed for me to keep a tip jar in my cup holder. Personally, I’m concerned about the presence of it being a little presumptuous and pushy, but I haven’t written off the idea completely just yet. I’m hitting the road again tonight so hopefully I’ll return with tales of glory and intrigue


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