Let that possibly be a lesson to you

Do big events just make people stupid? Between lane closures and pedestrians being oblivious to the world around them, Uptown Charlotte was a goddamn nightmare last night. It was still a pretty successful night though. My first two rides of the night both had minor surges attached. I also now have a personal grudge against the Power 98 radio station because their company vehicle stopped crossways in the middle of what was already a very narrow road for no reason I could see. Shout-out to the guy sitting nearby who pointed me out to the driver that he was blocking me. Immediately after that mess, I delivered a guy from Uptown to Huntersville because he had gone to the wrong hospital. Finally, I legitimately had a ride that was less than a mile in distance take nearly a half hour because the traffic was that bad. Before I conclude, I would like it documented that I  had a confirmed repeat rider during my one afternoon trip coming back from work. Until next time, watch out for pinheads.


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