Trees that bench press Volvos

I’ve been at the top of my game this week with two $70+ weekdays. On Tuesday, I drove from the airport to Gastonia only to make an exact return trip with the rider. At 12 miles away, I’m the closest guy? My travels around rush hour not only took me into South Carolina but all the way to a 5-block radius of the place where I used to work in Rock Hill. It truly is a small world after all. Today was accidentally more lucrative than expected. After getting a shave and a haircut in the morning, I went online while driving home and ended up taking a pair of hungover co-workers to retrieve their cars after what sounded like a blurry night before. The journey took me all the way to the university area so I decided to just grab a cheap fast-food lunch rather than drive all the way home and continued with my afternoon travels. I had one of my longest trips on record taking a young man from a preparatory school in Mooresville ( I was pursuing a surge, don’t judge me) all the way to the northwest portion of  485, a total of 22 miles. I tried the tip jar thing this week. Not a goddamn thing, not even from businessmen going to the airport. Ah well, it’s not exactly a loss if it was bonus money in the first place.


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