Did you think I forgot, lovelies? Perish the thought. Beyond a rush job after the app gave me the wrong pick-up address, Tuesday wasn’t all that exceptional. Thursday saw me conquering a new town: Dallas, NC, just north of Gastonia. The journey to get there was about 20 minutes but the actual trip was twice that. I also had one of my wiper blades come loose while scooting through rush hour traffic on the highway but luckily the rain wasn’t heavy enough for it to be a significant issue. One of my first trips on Friday night took twice as long as expected as we waited for a train that easily felt like it was 1/2 mile long. Toward the end of the night, I took most of the women from a bachelorette party home who, in addition to standard drunken shenanigans, left half a sandwich in my backseat. Due to changes in my regular work schedule, I drove Sunday night instead of Saturday this week which actually proved more lucrative than Friday. A gentleman tipped me $20 on what was already a $26 trip so cheers to that guy. He was immediately followed by a drunken housewife and her companion who had to herd her to and from the car. It was definitely a noteworthy week.


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