I didn’t know I was an expression

This was a good week. I don’t think I had any especially long dry spells on any day I drove. Tuesday was a day treatment half-day without anything all that exceptional. My second trip on Thursday afternoon took me from Indian Trail to Fort Mill and from there, I went deeper into Rock Hill than I think I’ve ever been before. Thanks to the surges during rush hour, I managed to earn over $100 on a weekday afternoon. My first ride on Friday night was from Matthews to the southern side of Huntersville. I subsequently discovered that the construction work in that area of I-77 is so bad, it causes traffic jams at 11:30 pm. The strangest thing though is that the closest I got to Uptown the whole night was Plaza Midwood, never in the city proper. Saturday night was gangbusters with the southern half of the county surging for half of the night. It even opened well with a couple who had only moved to Charlotte recently and I got to share some of my recommendations with. The guy also asked me for feedback about his patterned shirt (I told him it looked like a Magic Eye puzzle). I also took a gentleman from one seedy strip club to an even seedier one. To close, I want to raise a metaphorical glass to all the awesome riders who offer to get something for their drivers when they ask to pull over to a convenience store. You make the journeys much more enjoyable.


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