Just look at this guy! Listen to him exist!

My Uber game was on point this week. Exceptional numbers all three days I was on the road. Tuesday was once again a hum-drum sort of day. Thursday proved to be much more interesting though. Coming home in the morning from the regular job, I picked up a gentleman who lived in a development in Waxhaw that was previously one large farm where the owner had his own private runway which was still in use by the wealthy homeowners in the area. In the early afternoon, I drove an older guy who had a lot of genuinely interesting stories to tell about his life as a tech consultant as well as funny quotes from baseball players. He also said he was the cousin of comedian Alli Breen so that was neat. Finally we come to the adventures of the weekend. In a stark contrast to the normal Saturday night drunkards, my second ride of the night was taking a family of four home including the two sleeping sons who had to be carried to the back seat. Beyond that, it was a pretty consistent night with hardly any downtime and plenty of surges.


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