Triflers need not apply

Weeks like this past one are the reason I write this blog. Tuesday was simultaneously lousy without having actual dry periods. Normally what happens when I go online after working day treatment is I drive north from Monroe, pick up someone heading in the same direction, and my day proceeds like any other. This time, I spent almost the entire afternoon in Union County, and because I was one of the few drivers in the area, I would get called to riders 15 minutes away from my current location. On Thursday, I got slowed up significantly by a massive funeral procession going through Uptown. This might have been the highlight of my day if the very next ride didn’t have me driving 35 miles north to Salisbury through rush hour on I-85. It should come as no surprise that we got to be well-acquainted with one another on the hour-long ride as I learned that he had been through the type of facilities that I work at among other things.

Friday night will go down as a red-letter day as I gave a ride to people of legitimate fame. Specifically, I drove the band All That Remains who were in town for Carolina Rebellion from their hotel to dinner so that’s definitely a story I’ll be telling until my dying days. The road into the NC Music Factory area was absolute garbage that night so of course I had to go there twice, once for a pick-up and drop-off respectively. There was a very drunk girl that I drove on Saturday night who was very hands-y and not big on listening. I was not sad to see her go. But she was immediately followed by an agreeable fella who I turned on to Lindsey Stirling so it all balances out. I have a heavy work week coming up so expect a shorter entry next week.


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