We have five fifths. We have one whole liquor.

It was not a particularly noteworthy week, to be honest. I put a ton of miles on the road; that’s for sure. My first ride on Tuesday was also my first last Tuesday, taking a high school student home,  so that was neat. On Thursday, I had one trip take me from Huntersville to Independence Blvd. and another one that was the reverse of that. Friday night had me driving to Fort Mill, SC twice, Waxhaw, and the clincher, a 3 am journey from Plaza Midwood to Gastonia. These people who make these requests at the latest possible hour continue to baffle me. I do, however, appreciate getting $20 tips from two riders this weekend. Last night was more or less a break. I did a couple of rides in the early evening, hung out with friends for a few hours, and then a few more in the South Charlotte area. Apparently I’m doing something wrong though since my rating is slipping somehow and someone complained that I am lacking in professionalism. I’m still in good standing with a 4.64 out of 5 so I guess all I can do is just be aware of myself.


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