That’s dope as hell, master.

On the personal side of things, this was a very stressful week for me which had an effect on my capacity to drive. Both weekdays where I wasn’t in a group home had me in day treatment which meant limited afternoon driving. On Tuesday I picked up a high school student who had the deepest voice I have ever met in person. It sounded like he was using a modifier to disguise his voice on the phone; truly remarkable. Thursday was business as usual. Friday night I barely managed to complete one trip. I say barely because as I drive away from the drop-off, I hear the tell-tale flapping sound of a flat tire. So needless to say, I cashed in that AAA membership I keep in my pocket, got a tow, and got both front tires replaced the following morning since a second one was ready to go soon as well. Saturday night proved profitable as always given that I only drove during the late-night surge period when everyone is heading home at the same time including the poor-planning putzes looking to go to Gastonia at 2:30 am. Until next time, stay gold everyone.


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