Glory to Arstotzka

Good evening fellow passengers of Spaceship Earth. Hopefully, this entry will put me back on track. It’s been a fun week and a half so let’s get started. Last Sunday night, I had a passionate conversation with my rider about Hatsune Miku for the whole trip. It always feels good when someone shows a genuine interest in what you’re into. This week sent me into new rural territory. First on Thursday, I experienced rush hour in a new place as I crossed Lake Norman on Route 150 to get to Mountain Creek. Then my first trip on Saturday night took me to Goose Creek in Union County in an area I did not realize was an independent town. While up there, I picked up a couple who were ecstatic that was up that way since there were no one else in a 20 minute radius at the time. The majority of that night was actually spent outside of the confines of 485, either south in Fort Mill or Union County or north of it in Huntersville. It was in the latter part that I am convinced I saw an aberration as I nearly hit a guy sitting on the outer curve of an unlit road with a suitcase next to him for no discernible reason. One of those things you swear up and down is true but have no evidence or witnesses to back you up. Stay gold, people.


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