I’ll have your longest eclair

Well, this week was fun. I had an exceptionally lucrative Monday night. One caller basically sent me on a beer run instead of a ride (I ID’d him before I handed it over just to keep my butt covered). I also had two occasions where I had to drive 15 minutes to pick up a food order to someone 5 minutes away. On Tuesday, I finally went to the Whitewater center even if it was only for a pick-up. Wednesday constituted one trip which was a delivery wherein the recipient had not changed his home address in the app causing me to show up on his surprised parents’ doorstep. Luckily, it was resolved and he tipped me well for the trouble. My standout rider on Friday would be the woman who couldn’t figure out what bar she was in front of. However, the night itself ended poorly when I had to wait an hour for a food order to be prepared so it could be delivered. Word of advice: Don’t order take-out immediately after last call. I had a first-time experience on Saturday evening and that is picking up two orders at once from the same place for delivery.   Closed roads in Uptown made some of the navigation and traffic hell leading to a cancellation. I also had to cancel when I watched a would-be rider who didn’t listen get into the wrong car and ride away. The next week has me doing my real job every day so I’ll probably skip next week’s post. See you in September.

Really?! Right in front of my salad?!

Hello peoples. I had a productive week though not particularly exciting. How about y’all? The PGA tournament was this past week so rides were in high demand, for better or worse. I want to give my props to the folks who coordinated the designated Uber drop off/pick up lot; it ran very efficiently. The section of Park Rd. it sat on, not so much. On Wednesday, I had a rider who remembered me so that was neat. I hit Friday hard, doing both day and night runs. My last trip before I stopped for dinner was in Huntersville so I played around with going north at the start of the evening and nearly ended up in Statesville. Luckily, they bailed and I didn’t go beyond Mooresville. Food deliveries are getting better in so far as the restaurants are becoming better at having a system down for getting them ready and passing them along to the driver. Before I close out, I want to plug Postmodern Jukebox, my current YouTube obsession. They take songs from the past 20 years and arrange them in cabaret/jazz/etc styles. My personal favorites are their renditions of All the Small Things and Sugar, We’re Going Down. Check it out, you won’t regret it. See you next week.

It’s like a hologram that sings

So yeah, the last week of July gave me some much needed time off which meant less time driving. I still came away with some tales to tell, though. I had my best delivery to date last Friday in so far as I showed up at the restaurant and the food was all ready to go. That Saturday was schizophrenic. I tried to pick up someone from the surge outside the concert venue near Concord but the area was a traffic nightmare and killed all data exchange between phones. I ended up cancelling that trip and just picking up another group for cash. Later that night, I found myself in Mooresville and Denver and ended up spending 45 minutes just driving myself back home. This past Tuesday, someone put in an order to McDonald’s for 150 McNuggets at 12:30 at night and I was the lucky guy sent to pick it up and deliver it. I gave some relationship advice to a guy the following night, encouraging him to stay faithful and not cheat with his attractive flirtatious co-workers. Last night I ended up in an actual fight with the driver app. It’s not uncommon for a rider to ask for multiple stops which is easily facilitated because I can change the destination. However, every time I did it last night the app would just change it right back on me. Hopefully, this will be addressed the next time the app updates.