Be the first one on your block

It’s been quite an incredible couple of weeks so let’s get started. On the night of 11/13, I saw a car back out too quickly and hit another car. Luckily, no damage came to either but my rider was ready to memorize the plate if they tried to run away. I’ve been doing more airport arrivals lately which is proving to be a mixed bag since I waited there for about an hour on Tuesday the 14th. At least, I wasn’t burning gas. Thanksgiving Eve was enormously rewarding to the tune of 15 different trips after 11 pm. I took a gentleman to be reunited with his old high school sweetheart. I also picked up the husband to Jekyll and Hyde’s general manager who took a few glasses from the bar with him and was also one of the drunkest human beings I have ever encountered in my travels. Highlights include starting sentences and not finishing them but also tipping $20. Much later that night, I crammed 5 guys into my car, picking them up from a bar in a very run-down building on the edge of oblivion. On Friday, I had a maddening kerfuffle with pick-ups and drop-offs at the country club. Key players include the picture-perfect rich douche-bag you thought only existed in movies cancelling on me to my face, a girl who knew where we were going but didn’t want to get out of the car when we got there, and my savior rider who I spilled my guts to about this and confirmed my suspicions about what an asshole the first guy was. I also picked up a group of guys from Coyote Joe’s immediately after what sounded like an almost-fight from one guy accusing the another of making eyes at his girlfriend since that’s what they were talking about the whole time. In short, it was definitely a blog-worthy block of rides.

Your ass is not of historical note

You there, boy! What year is it?! Oh, it’s still 2017. Right then, off with you. Yeah, it’s been a while; three weeks to be specific. It’s long enough to justify doing a list of highlights rather than a paragraph so let’s do that.

  • On Halloween night, I got a pretty spectacular tip for going out into the boonies of Monroe for a pick-up to the tune of $20 (and this one didn’t try to cheat me the next morning either).
  • I had a notable uptick in riders bringing a dog with them averaging one per week lately
  • On 11/3, I couldn’t help but overhear my rider doing voice-to-text and listening to his side of what sounded like a very bitter divorce
  • This past Tuesday consisted of exactly two trips. The first was from Stallings to the airport and the second was from the airport to Greenville, SC. I would like to point out that despite this great excursion, I still made it back with time to spare to catch an evening matinee with friends so go me.
  • On Thursday, I learned about how they changed the surge system and how that can translate to me earning $12 on top of what would normally be a $3 trip.
  • I had some entertaining drunks after last call on Friday. The lead guy of the group asked to connect his phone to my console and then later asked me why the tunes had stopped after his song had finished
  • Saturday afternoon, I gave two rides to the same guy within an hour with a different rider in-between.
  • Much later that night, I had to juggle driving and managing the emotional rapids of a very drunk woman who was on the precipice of jumping if she didn’t have her guy to talk her down.
  • Finally, it’s food blog time. I tried Wild Wing Cafe in October’s last week. The food was decent but I felt like I was virtually ignored by the servers despite there being maybe 7 patrons in the whole place. I also tried Freddy’s Steakburgers which just felt like a bizzaro Steak n’ Shake. I have no plans to add either place to my regular rotation.

Hopefully, I’ll make my next post after Thanksgiving. See you then.