Nothing I say is ever planned

I have no excuse. I was just lazy/distracted by my Batman video game. But I’m here now so let’s go over my adventures the past three weeks. On the last day of November, I went out into the boonies of Stanfield, east of I-485, for a drop-off. Some of those back-roads had some of the steepest hills I’ve ever seen on a road. Heaven forbid, they would be trapped if the roads got remotely icy. People continue to worry me by ordering delivery from Hooters including a gentleman whose name was a number (ex. Thirty). I tried Wu’s Cajun Seafood on Dec. 1. The food and service were both top-rate and would recommend it to others. The following night, I brought a group of college girls from Wingate University to the city proper, essentially paying for my commute to the city. I also make beaucoup bucks that night from everyone leaving the big college football game so that was cool too. A week later on Friday the 8th, I picked up a food order from an Indian restaurant in the middle of a corporate park at 8:30 pm. Why a place clearly intended to cater to business lunches was still open at that hour is beyond me. Demand was crazy last Sunday as I was in Pineville when I got summoned to pick someone up at the airport 20 minutes away. Finally, last night took me to Mooresville which is both a blessing and a curse as the trip there pays well but it also makes it difficult to migrate back home unless I outright clock out. I’ll try to do an entry next week since I’m working New Year’s Eve but if I don’t, then see you in 2018 readers.