Screw the rules; I have green hair

There are those periods in your life that test your fortitude, where you learn what you are truly capable of. By no means am I drowning, but it’s definitely a week with its fair share of ups and downs. I got the privilege of going to the Ballantyne Hotel for a delivery so that was kind of neat. Last Friday, I got roped into a food delivery disguised as a regular trip for an Indian restaurant; luckily it worked out smoothly enough. This past Monday, I learned why to avoid roundabouts during rush hour. They snarled up pretty bad. This past Friday, I had an interesting episode wherein someone accidentally made three separate orders from a restaurant and then called said restaurant to consolidate them to one driver. Luckily, the other drivers were pretty amiable and we were able to work it out with a quick coin flip (I lost) and the restaurant offered us a soft drink to go for our troubles. I gave some members of a wedding reception in Monroe a surprise last night when they anticipated having to wait 20 minutes for a ride and I showed up in five. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to do our best and that’s all that can really be asked of anyone.


A Christian Scientist with appendicitis

I never know how to start these things so let’s not waste any more time on it. Just like most two-week periods, this one had its share of adventures. Last Friday took me to Salisbury once more. Luckily on the return trip, I managed to grab a couple from Concord looking to go into the city. When they asked me how I managed to stay calm in the midst of people who come to a complete stop on highway on-ramps, I quoted Bruce Banner’s infamous line, “That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry”. That same night, I learned the true potency of coffee from a Pilot gas station. Given that they cater towards truckers, it’s no wonder I barely felt tired all night after a medium cup of their regular brew. I hate to imagine what the extra-caffeinated stuff would do to me. This past Wednesday, I ended up helping a guy getting food supplies for his restaurant; luckily I had the trunk space in that case, I did not have the trunk space later that evening, however, for a man’s walker and it ended up having to ride in the backseat with him. The next day, I made a food delivery to the local department of Citizenship and Immigration Services which is run by Homeland Security which meant having to check in with the multiple guards in the front and waiting for the recipient to come to me. Last night, I had a couple who spoke Afrikaans for much of the ride which was interesting in so far as it is not a language one commonly hears in the U.S. compared to others. My work schedule is more consistent this week so my Uber hours should probably be reduced to their usual volume so expect an equal adjustment to my volume of stories.