I’ll haiku it with you

My apologies for the fake-out, folks. Turns out I can’t read my own work schedule so the bi-weekly schedule remains. Last week on Tuesday I had a man who was an avid Trump supporter spend the whole trip divulging his political thoughts and theories for the whole 45-minute trip, with me only contributing when he asked for my opinion, shake my hand in a friendly manner when he exited, then report me for making him feel uncomfortable by arguing with him. In no uncertain terms, that guy can go fuck himself. On Thursday, I took a trip from the airport to Mooresville and then the reverse of that an hour later. Four of my six trips on Friday night were all to Moochie’s on Idlewild. Twice this week, I coordinated with riders to return lost items so that was a fun adventure in itself. On Thursday, while waiting for a rider to finish in a convenience store, I watched one of the employees come out to dump the trash and I swear he looked like he could be Quentin Tarantino’s stunt double. On the subject of danger and stunts, later on I saw a car flipped over on 74 not 5 minutes after I had been that way. A man in Easton, PA punched in the wrong address and tagged me which led to an interesting conversation and cancellation. I picked up one of my Moochie riders from the previous week last night so we got to do a bit of cheeky catching up, That’s all for this week. Stay gold.


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