All the subtlety and nuance of a napalm enema

Another two weeks came and went so it’s time for another entry in the chronicles of the Uber King of the Queen City. I shared a genuine human connection with a CATS bus driver last Monday as we agonized over the landslide of problems life tends to hit you with. God bless post-concert surges and the $17 they can add onto what would normally be a $4 trip last Wednesday night. That same night I delivered some McD’s to a blind woman which I guess is something of minor note. I made the night of my last ride on Friday by playing my show-tunes station while they were in the car. Last Sunday, I experienced a weird bit of serendipity when I picked up a two-meal order from McD’s only for the person who ordered to reveal that they were in Connecticut and cancelling, leaving me with some free food. Upon review, it appears all of the things of significant interest happened in the first week so I will finish this entry here and bid all of my readers a fond farewell.

I have a free book written by Jesus!

This period was more interesting than last time if nothing else. On Tuesday night May 1, a 20-year-old woman fell out of a party bus on Tryon Rd. when the latches on the emergency exit window failed and was immediately run over. I learned of this fifteen minutes after it happened when I gave a ride home to a group of people who were also on that bus and were still reeling from the shock, fishing for answers as to what had just happened. Sorry to open on a downer like that but it seemed ridiculous to bury the lead. Last Friday, my last three trips were deliveries from three different McDonald’s. In similar food news, I tried the new Shake Shack and find the food to be very good but not enough to match the upscale prices they charge. I learned this past Thursday that the local bar The Brass Tap also does Uber Eats which is not something I nor the woman tending the bar anticipated but she was nice enough to give him a Coke while I waited so props to her. I had a repeat rider last night who I recalled because of the out-of-the-way location for the pick-up compounded by the fact we had to go back to get the keys he forgot last time. Finally, my “last call” trip last night was a group of people from Coyote Joe’s, one of whom had clearly had too many. Fortunately, someone else in the group had the foresight to steal a bucket so my interior remained clean. Hooray for proactive thinking. On a more personal note, that Arrogant Worms Pandora station I was moaning about last time as morphed into my new go-to since I started thumbing-up songs from comedic musicals and I’ve been discovering what I’ve been missing from the likes of Hamilton and The Book of Mormon as my blog title would indicate. See you next time.