Are you not high, young man?

Well things have gotten more interesting than previous weeks so let’s get to it. Last Monday I took someone from the airport to Asheville so I got to have a lot of time with my thoughts driving back through the mountains. At least the girl at the Waffle House I had dinner at liked my shirt. The following Friday proved unexpectedly profitable as many of the people who had their flights cancelled the previous night were looking to check in to their new flights all at the same time, creating surged all over the city. I also narrowly avoided being caught up in relationship drama between a young couple who both clearly a. had a few drinks already and b. had a fight earlier in the evening. Luckily, he compromised with her by the trip’s end so all’s well within my domain. Furthermore, I made a delivery from a food truck (is that ironic?) aptly named the Garbage Truck because they specialized in the kind of greasy, starchy, bad-for-you food that one craves when they’re 5 beers in so they clearly know their market. In short, that Friday marks the first time I put in so many hours that the app cut me off for my health. This more recent Monday I took a father and preteen son from Monroe to the airport, the latter of which was a good kid but very talkative. On Wednesday, a guy failed to answer his door or the phone to receive his five sandwiches from McDonald’s so after multiple attempts, they became my five sandwiches from McDonald’s. On the subject on that particular restaurant, some of their locations need to get better about posting their available hours because I have been sent to pick up food from closed McDonalds’ on multiple occasions. Anyway, stay gold everybody.

Minty is just cold spicy

Either I’m becoming jaded or the people of Charlotte are getting boring because there isn’t much to report this time. The list of restaurants that utilize UberEats seems to expand in strange and new ways such as when I delivered a custom pint of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s last week. I also had back-to-back deliveries from an Indian place in SW Charlotte that Friday night. My regular job worked me pretty heavy this past week so there wasn’t much opportunity for driving. Let’s hope the next two weeks prove more compelling.