I had a normal day once. It was a Thursday.

I am convinced the Russians are fucking with Uber’s systems. There has to be a reason for the frequency at which McDonalds’ are not having their delivery orders come through. It’s frustrating wasting 10-15 minutes waiting to find out you’re not getting paid for your time. I also have to reboot the location finder sometimes just to get up-to-date directions but maybe the upcoming app update may fix this. We can only dream.

Last Monday, I listened to an employee’s advice and got in the regular line at Moe’s to pick up my delivery order rather than the designated pick-up register and got my food much sooner. My last ride Thursday night left his whisky bottle behind which I did not realize until my first Friday ride found it. The following Sunday, I delivered some McD’s in the middle of the night to a nursing home. There wasn’t any hoops to jump through or anything; I just walked in and found the room. However, last night proved to be the main event. On the positive side, I had a pleasant cultural exchange with a Turkish immigrant going home after a late night of work as well as a pop-punk jam session with a lovely young miss.  However, they pale in comparison to my last-call ride where I was basically a Jerry Springer episode on wheels with two drunken 20-something girls screaming at each other for most of the 30 minute trip while a third struggled to keep them from ripping each other’s hair out. In short, it was the kind of trip that inspires this blog. Stay gold.

Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow

Blah, blah, Book of Mormon was great. Moving on to the juicy bits. Last Friday, I exchanged ideas with a rider about fun things to do in Charlotte wherein she sold me on giving TopGolf a try and I told her about House of Purge. I got shafted this past Wednesday night because a food delivery order called to have the delivery address changed which wouldn’t be a problem except the amount I earn is set the moment the order is put in and the new address was much farther than the one the app had. Still, they did tip. On the subject of earnings, my timing was perfect last night as I made serious change from surges bouncing around Uptown as the bars were closing. Finally, I discovered what I believe to be my ideal Pandora station for rainy weather and that is the one dedicated to jazz guitar. Not much to talk about this week so I will see you again in the next entry.