We need more Asia

You know your circadian rhythm is messed up when even truck stop coffee doesn’t keep you from getting tired at inopportune times. My name is Josh and this is Uber King of the Queen City. I hit the road the Friday before last determined to drive until I hit the time limit and the app cut me off and that is exactly what I did. My second ride that day was a journey to the airport wherein I listened to my rider argue with the property management company of his building about getting assurance that a boot would not be put on his car while he was out of town which proved to be quite entertaining from an outsider’s perspective. Last Sunday, I gave a ride to a man from Micronesia wherein we had a brief conversation about colonization and its effect on one’s heritage. This past week was a really good week for tips, as in they represented a third of my earnings after four days. Thanksgiving night was a weird phenomenon in itself. It seems there weren’t a ton of drivers on the road, leading me to have several long pickups. In addition, there were several early Black Friday shoppers calling  on me for a lift. That does it for this entry. Stay gold.


Root beer fairy tales

That’s another two weeks in the bag. Let’s see what we have to show for it. During the day on Halloween, the forces of coincidence decided to play a cruel joke on me when I picked up a student at a school where there had been a shooting two days prior and it is at that moment that “Another One Bites the Dust” cues up on the radio. The powers that be can be pretty sick at times. That night I had dinner at Tacos 4 Life and really enjoyed it so I want to take this opportunity to plug them. This past Thursday I had a minor disagreement with a rider about what qualifies as quality music but  in a diplomatic way that didn’t put my rating at risk. Finally, last night I spent a good 10 minutes trying to detour my way through and around all the lane closures on 77. Fortunately, my riders were understanding/too tired to notice. That does it for this round. Stay gold.