I seal thee away, Cotton Eye Joe

Well, the hammer has come down. Uber did their background check, noticed the three speeding tickets I’ve had in the past year, and kicked me to the curb. Lyft doesn’t want me either for the same reason. Credit where credit is due, the people at the local Uber office were very informative and fair with me when I asked when I could try again (which is basically long enough for the infractions to fall off my record). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss it. I gained a much better awareness of the city, discovered places I might never have tried, and got to meet a wide assortment of people that I got to share about here. That’s not to mention the incredible flexibility it lent me. It’s hard to say what the future may bring, whether that means returning to Ubering and this blog in a few years, morphing the site into something else, or simply leaving it as a record of these years in my life. Regardless, time marches forward and so thus will I. To the handful of loyal readers out there, thank you for joining me on this bizarre journey and stay gold.

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